Are You Keeping Up?

by Cherry Death

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released July 18, 2016

Produced by Tim Buchanan
Illustration by Blake Lusk
Cassette on Tape Gun



all rights reserved


Cherry Death Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Track Name: Fantasy
there's nothing wrong you see
and now i know it well
hard to sell
now that i know your tell
know that i'm living well
all along
Track Name: I Don't Know
i've been trying to figure out
just what i could do without
wind blowin so hard here
that it's drowning out the prayers

i don't know where i am

the fear it comes in pairs
that hold and do not share
they're folding up the chairs
and holding what is theirs

i don't know what i am

i'm bragging to the stars
and dodging all the cars
just to lay a thousand years
across a sea of tears

i don't know who i am

it's written in the clouds
i'm rid of all my doubt
the words they are so clear
they're singing in my ear
there is no secret here
i'm falling through the air
and reaching for your hand
nearing fast the land

i don't know that i am
Track Name: They Like
they like the rolling stones, cigarettes and good times
they like to be alone, not always but just sometime
they like a helping hand
they like a good friend
they don't like hello's or goodbye's
Track Name: I'm Laughing
i'm laughing at a fading light
it asks me for another shine
left now to the place we met before
arsenic and lace
sleeping on the floor
Track Name: Surprise Me
if you're saying it's alright
does that mean you know for sure
cos im thinkin that i might
find a way to slide through the floor
been on top and im smokin
stunted empathy lookin out
didn't think it would be this way now
but i know that's what it means

surprise me again
i was looking down
Track Name: Looking Glass
looking glass of faces passed and passing through the astral plane
i don't know that red is black theres something on the infrared

there's a looking glass of faces passed and passing through the astral plane
focus on the red is gone blurs now through the window pane
is it mine or is it thine i don't know what i can claim
words along the back and white are vertical and changing lanes
Track Name: It Goes Fast
it goes fast when you don't listen
it goes fast just wait and then
it goes fast don't you think about it
it goes fast or not at all
Track Name: In Darkness
oh i may meet you on a cold and dreary night
or on a sunlight dream day basking in the light
but know now what i say dear, both learn and live it well
a life that's lived in darkness is a life that's lived in hell
Track Name: Tennessee
can you see through the grey
further down the way
i know it must be hard now
with me acting this way
i can't think about it now
i don't know anything
that i could say to right the way
to a saving grace

tennessee, can you hear me

half alive all the time
must i explain
there's nothing in the air these days
i'm choking all the same
please don't leave me alone
i can't find my pace
speeding up or slowing down
when you're gone i'm insane

i see now i was blind
vision i declined
will to live resigned

tennessee, can you hear me
can i bleed any longer
can i bleed, will you see
tennessee, can you hear me
Track Name: Lollipop Kids
say hello and no one's there
dust chasing a shadow
to a different place aware
without above or below
eyes are pleading for a care
river pull me under
just breath between the air
hold it for a while

lollipop kids over there
sitting in the mirror
gone for now or for a year
can you still remember
eclipse i can't see around
to a different kind of breathing
what is it in the way
of a different kind of seeing
Track Name: Bad Weather Day
the sun is shining but it's a bad weather day
my will is in line but still a bad weather day
i'm rounding the edge now, momentum i can't control
gravity forgives not only me, but too my soul

i see the light

i see the light and the way it won't reflect off of you
becoming a prism, becoming love

it's all out of my reach

i see the light
out of my reach
Track Name: New Handshake
i got a new handshake
i kinda like the pace
i like the way it feels, oh yeah
i like the look on your face
i lay beside it, yeah
and then i touch your thigh, oh yeah
Track Name: High As Hell
don't want to come down
when you're around
i am just high as hell
hanging on your sound
it's all that i can do
to tear my eyes from you
it's getting obvious, this cloud we're floating through