by Cherry Death

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released July 19, 2016

Vocals - Tim Buchanan, Lacey Elaine Tackett, Lenora LaVictoire, Brent Hodge, Ross Adams
Guitar - Kilyn Massey, Tim Buchanan, Taylor Mckenzie, Blake Lusk
Keys - Tye Mauch, Connor Schmigle
Bass - Lacey Elaine Tackett
Drums - Atlee Hickerson, Don Eisenberg, Brent Hodge
Percussion - Atlee Hickerson, Alican Koc
Pedal Steel - Blake Burgess
Piano - Karen Buchanan
Alto Saxophone - Lenora Lavictoire, Tim Buchanan
All songs written by Tim Buchanan
Engineered by Connor Schmigle, Atlee HIckerson, Steve Boaz
Mixed by Connor Schmigle with Tim Buchanan
Mastered by Atlee Hickerson
Cover Illustration by Pearl Olsen
Layout by Daniel Helm
Cassette by City Baby



all rights reserved


Cherry Death Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Track Name: Just Got Home
Just got home and I don't know just where I've been
I think it's been a while
I may have lost a friend
Stumbled into nothing
Took it where I went
Sleeping morning daydream holding
Nightmare around the bend
Only now can I sit alone and folding then
Prism to an empty sky
Show it all again
Holding out on sleeping
Waiting til the end
Open just to close and then
Running with the wind
Track Name: Tell Me (Don't Let Yourself Feel Bad)
Don't let yourself feel bad or fall into a hole
Don't let yourself feel had if you can keep holding on
If I'm goin' the wrong way
Could you tell me
If I look different now in your eyes
If I should go home now
Could you take me
Cos I don't know if I'll make it alive
Don't make yourself unglad or otherwise unknown
When tired lay down in grass
The moon will keep you warm
Smile gone too soon, smile my way
Track Name: Cool Rush
Cool rush, my love
I've run dry
Why do I try when I know
New dove why fly into the night
Track Name: Through The Walls
Cold wind coming through the walls
There's nowhere to hide at all
Smoke and wait for help
To see me through a day without you
Not enough to say the same
Nowhere to place the blame
This isn't where I'll rest my bones
Fair enough I'll see you someday soon
So hard now that I may fall
Into nothing at all
No one's coming now to help
See me through my own shade of blue
Track Name: Just The Sky
It's just the sky calling and cursing my name
Strange voices, don't bother it's all the same
It's just the sky holding and casting the shame
Plain pain submerged in another cloud
Sing me down
And let's walk around
Try to laugh a lot
Photographs and pages turned
Full of weight and empty face
Track Name: Horrible World
This is a horrible world that'll get you down
Find your guard and wear it proud
Chew up life and spit it out
Horrible world that'll get you down
Find your guard and wear it proud
Know that you will do without
Horrible world that'll get you down
Track Name: Down With Me
Would you go down with me
Across the pond to the trees
I would like to show you
Another way around the weight
You're never going nowhere
It's not that easy
Do you know, do you see
Tell me now if you must leave
Track Name: I Get The Feeling
I get the feeling that I was wrong
You couldn't save me, my will had gone
Now you remind me of that which I've known
And of the sweet song there all along
Are we going home now, is it the time
Today or tonight I will resign and lift up my wings
For you I'll fly into that blue sky where you reside
Lowered so slowly to earth below again
Six clipped red roses rest above your head
One final reminder never to fade
Never to falter and never to wane
Track Name: You And Me
You and me beneath the tree
Shade it leans and softly breathes
Yes it's right
No more light, no more dawn, no more night
I don't see through your eyes all the time
Plain to know and to show
To explain I remain
Where I go
Do you know I sing your song all day long
I don't see through your eyes all the time
Wish it were, say the word
Run all night
Track Name: I Wonder
Crude abstraction shapes or blinds
Appetites and dormant minds
I wonder if you still listen
I only sing for you
Stretch my wind-whipped head across the air
Satisfaction and the other side of it
Are aging quick and poor
What now sits around me I have seen before
But I'm trying to be different now
I wonder if you still listen
I only sing for you
Track Name: Tennessee
Can you see through the grey
Further down the way
I know it must be hard now
With me acting this way
I can't think about it now
Don't know anything that I can say to light the way
To a saving grace
Tennessee, can you hear me
Half alive all the time
Must I explain
There's nothing in the air these days
I'm choking all the same
Please don't leave me alone
I can't find my pace
Speeding up or slowing down
When you're gone I'm insane
Can you hear me
Can I bleed any longer
Will you see
Can you hear me
Track Name: Do You Change Your Mind
Do you change your mind every day
Out of sight what am I left to say
See the strings they're turning into fray
Untying from all the games to play
Soon the way will change
Drift into blinding gaze
Direction lost trade time for ways
Looking up to tell you that I cried
Looking up I can't remember why
Living another forgotten life
Soon to wake up on the other side
Track Name: Diadora
How is silence treating you my friend?
Seems it's not so sweet
The ache of regret and the lost and gone
Wear through and corrode all I keep
Diadora out my window
Rest inside these walls
They refuse to fall
I am weak but I am willing
To hold the weight
Track Name: Lucy
Lucy.. I'm not coming back
Track Name: Short Of Breath
Short of breath in the middle of anywhere
A smile comes down like hysterical daydream fare
Times run out
In the middle and I don't care what went wrong
I'm flying through the air on my own
Track Name: Saccharine
It hasn't been too long it seems
But time has passed and I can see
The toll it's taken from your skin
Do you feel the days slow spin
To death serene, so saccharine
Death serene, so saccharine
Not much is working, it never has
No expectations they come and pass
Now I could use a few good years
Maybe you could too
Til death serene, so saccharine
Death serene, saccharine
Don't confuse me and my will